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This article is a featured article , and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. An ancient warrior from the dawn of Cybertronian history, Arcee arose from the ashes of her mysterious, traumatic past to become one of the most feared Transformers of her era and beyond. Cold and detached off the battlefield and utterly ruthless in combat, Arcee's single-minded bloodlust put her at odds with both the Autobots and Decepticons for most of the Great War. But after finding a kindred spirit in Hardhead and making peace or pieces with some of her demons, Arcee has turned over a new leaf. After a brief stint in the employ of Prowl , Arcee formally joined the Autobots and struck up a friendship with Sideswipe. In her new role as one of Earth 's peacekeepers, her change of spark has allowed her to grow into a more compassionate being and a capable defender of humanity. Arcee of the Darklands Future Glories Lost and her twin brother Galvatron were ancient, hailing from the barbaric age that predated the rise of the Thirteen Primes.

Arcee Stories

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Also know that I have no beta for this story so it is likely you will find some mistakes. Now it is time for you to read and enjoy the story. Please rate and review with do concrit. Thank you. This is a work in progress and a true fanfiction and will continue.
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